Children's Day

Sunday July 8, 11am-3pm
Location: Charles Hoey Memorial Park - MNP Stage

Norman Foote

Norman Foote

Children's Day Schedule

Sunday July 8th, 11am - 3pm
Location: CFS Stage

For the 8 and under crowd (parents/grandparents/family are also allowed).

11am   Introductions and welcoming - pony rides/mini train ride/swing ride/activity stations/puppet shows a as well as main stage performances

11:30pm   Beverley McKeen  - her songs cross the age barrier easily and kid’s really enjoy her environmental and compassionate messages

1pm    Norman Foote - North American touring Juno awarded Children’s entertainer returns to our stage because he likes it here

2pm   Carlson’s Dance - bringing the young ones to the stage today to entice others to give it a try sometime

3pm   Michelle Edwardson - great vocals /solid writing, a new voice to the valley and once you hear her you will always seek her out...

4pm   Josue Taraconte  - Paulina Izquierdo - Cuban flamenco guitarist and his well respected vocalist wife along with a localized flute player

5pm   Norman Foote / Bruce Miller - Norman, an ‘adult’ songwriter as well, brought along his Nashville singer-songwriter pal Bruce Miller to trade off some tunes and share some stories

6pm   Slammin Jack – pull out your muppets stuffies and dust off your dance shoes, the psychedelic jam-grass dance-floor trance-funk extravaganza is back.

7pm   Beverley McKeen Band  - always appreciated at this festival, she knows how to pick a band to showcase her singing and song writing abilities

After Hours...
Location: Duncan Showroom
‘after 9’ series
Slammin Jack  

Norman Foote’s performance on Children’s day brought to you by The Red Balloon Toyshop



All of these scheduled musical events are designed to bring community togetherto celebrate our diverse local / Canadian and international music scenes, to give the opportunity to meet our neighbours, share a common experience and hopefully be able to now greet each other with a friendly smile on any future happen chance connections we are proving that downtown Duncan and the Cowichan Valley is... ‘a rather fun place to be’.