2019 Quick Daily View

Charles Hoey Memorial Park - Buckerfield’s Stage
from noon till 8pm daily for 39 continuous days
hourly showcases by touring and local talent


Week 1 - June 28 to July 7

Week 2 - July 8 - 14

Week 3 - July 15 - 21

Week 4 - July 22 - 28

Week 5 - July 29 - August 5

Wine Down Wednesdays

Dates: August 7th / 14th / 21st / 28th
Location: City Square Stage
Time: 5:30pm-7:30pm

Amazing songwriters, guitar players, harmonica players who perform around the world the basis of our series of musical showcases to take place on the City Square Stage on the Wednesdays in August at 7pm and 8pm with the Old Firehouse Wine Bar hosting a wine tasting ‘lounge’ presenting some of our local wineries from 5:30-7:30pm.

40th Day of July

Date: September 1st
Location: City Square Stage
Time: 4pm-9pm
proving we do live in ‘a rather fun place to be’



What’s new for 2019…

Food vendor in the park
daily from noon till 7pm
—> the Duncan Showroom will be providing the concession stand this year with hot dogs /pop/ice cream bars/potato chips every day

Children’s play area
new area for young kids to play, away from the front of the stage with toys and games provided, yet still available to the great sound

Potable water station
on site in the park from CUPE 358 except July 25th-28th

Night Patrol of festival site
inclusion instead of exclusion, various night people who ride their bikes around all nite believe that this community event must not be tarnished... so a core group agreed to patrol the site, to instruct others if need be why the festival tents and area should be off bounds to any problems that would affect the festival negatively.

Festival Etiquette
Yes, there is a thang called festival etiquette and each festival has their very own rules of engagement. Of course, we are all here to enjoy an outdoor music festival, hopefully in a fashion where the performer and the audience can have the best chance of engaging in that special musical connection that can take place. That is why we present the performers we do and why the schedule is programmed as it is. Read more…