Artistic Director’s Message 2019...

Of all the thangs I have started, this one takes the cake. Coming into our 8th year of 39 days of continuous entertainment for at least 8 hours a day, with added shows in the city square for extra flavour, all free to the public.

An accomplishment?

Although I should be jumping for joy for the completion of the programming, I am always sad to come to this point in the festival, putting it to print. This project becomes a part of my everyday being, continuously on my mind from closing day of last year to starting day of this years...one might say I is consumed. Yet now is the time when I must release this child and let it walk its walk, trusting all has been taken into consideration, while we as a crew tenderly and continuously mold the outcome always with that eternal hope of flawless days of musical mastery.

Yes, maybe this festival is about me and my unquenchable desire to be a people pleaser, to want to affect as many people as possible in a positive fashion, to be of aid in the changing of people’s ways of viewing their world and possibly how they behave within a community setting. But heh, aside from all that, when I look at all the people being able to leave their cares and woes behind while they sit back or engage in dancing at the many performances being presented, I feel good, real good.

Now to 39 Days of July 2019
Fact - when not attending to the 39 Days of July, The Duncan Showroom is open 7 days a week to touring and local acts performing on our well respected stage.
Fact - if you are on our radar, there is a good chance you will be performing for Cowichan Valley audiences... all the musical acts that come through the Duncan Showroom are potential festival players.
Fact - many artists have time between weekend festivals and are looking for extra gigs...we provide that service for touring acts

Take all that into consideration and you will discover many different musical genres represented from across Canada.
Some from Australia, Scotland, Ireland, Europe.
Heck we even have Americans wanting to come here - go figure that one
Add a full selection of valley musicians to keep us all community and voila-a wonderful summer festival based on music in a park in downtown Duncan.

Yep, time now for Dr Ted Cadillac - our sound tech extraordinaire along with Trevor Linde - in the new position of DCFS Operations Manager and myself to get down to making some business be fun and run what is equivalent of a marathon a day for 39 days.

Thank goodness we enjoy doing this.

Longevity John
Artistic Director / Creator
39 Days of July

Proving we do live in ‘a rather fun place to be’
PS. the Duncan

Trevor Linde

Trevor Linde

Operations Manager Message…

Born and raised in Duncan, lived here my whole life. I have seen this festival emerge and grow to what is today. At first I watched in awe and then volunteered my time seeing where I can fit in and help make Longevity John’s dream a reality. Now as the Operations Manager for the Duncan Cowichan Festival Society and the 39 Days of July, I am 100 percent committed to doing everything I can to bring this event to the next level.

I was able to obtain a scholarship with the Folk Alliance International Convention held in Montreal this past February. After working with some of the greatest musicians and music agencies in North America, I learnt a great deal of operations, the study of artistic directing, audio engineering, and managing festivals and venues in the music industry. I am excited to apply myself to my own community not only for the festival society and the 39 Days of July but for the future of the arts in downtown Duncan. A rather fun place to be.

We are actually quite hard on ourselves, always setting a standard of excellence. Longevity John, Dr Ted Cadillac and I are nuts, yes, but look around! We do this every day at the Duncan Showroom and without that venue this festival would not be what it is today. Support live music! It’s truly amazing the impact it has on the community and the appreciation is magical. It’s worth every minute.

Trevor Linde
Operations Manager

President’s Message...

Why do audiences attend The 39 Days of July? What value do they receive?

Because all performances are free, we do not have the standard way of gauging value – how many people will buy tickets and how much will they pay?

We know that performances by a well-known artist or a tribute band attract the largest crowd. The audience knows the songs and has no risk of not being entertained. They expect to get value for the time they invest. Research says this audience don’t see themselves as “cultural”. They go out for popular events because they like having fun and being with people. We have Walkabout Wednesday shows…and more… for you!

Then there are those who see culture as a way of broadening their horizons. They enjoy activities that help them connect with and share experiences with others. They are community minded and like to be sure that everyone is able to enjoy the benefits of engaging in The 39 Days of July. They appreciate artistic expression and want to be ahead of the curve. Every day at Charles Hoey Memorial Park is for you!

Most people have little time to add events into their calendar. For you we have Saturday, July 13. You can achieve multiple activities in one day – Farmers’ Market, Grande Parade, Downtown Duncan Day and performances in Charles Hoey Memorial Park and City Square Stage.

The Cowichan Valley has a diverse pool of talented performers. Come out to any of The 39 Days of July performances and bring your friends. You will be part of something big and important to our community.

Rick Martinson, President
Duncan-Cowichan Festival Society