The Festival Collections Bucket


What happens to the monies collected each night? First of all, it is all taken aside, counted, documented then deposited into the general coffers of the DCFS society.

We do receive some grants towards our costs of paying the performers, they are acknowledged in our thank you column, but not nearly enough to cover it all for sure. We have hard costs that needs be attended to such as insurance as well as the tent / stage / extra PA rental costs. We have brought on a paid operations manager this year to keep the work load from being overwhelming for the Artistic Director, Longevity John, who receives a small monthly honorarium as an offset for his year-round diligence in putting this festival together. and Although the Duncan Showroom has forfeited payments over the years to create and keep the festival afloat, some form of wages would go a long way.

We do have local business sponsors who step forward with healthy donations to offset the costs of some of the performers’ wages. The schedule program which everyone loves (we supply 20,000 now) has the ability to bring in more monies depending on the support from how many local businesses choose to advertise. Think about it for next year (yes, next year).

Let it be known too that the performers, understanding and working with what we are doing, provide us an edge on their pricing- kinda like partial donating of their time and prowess to make sure this unique event of community building takes place. Plus having the Dr.Ted Cadillac from Duncan Showroom handle the performers’ requests is a kool treat.

Yes, the 39 Days of July has run on a shoestring budget up till now and it has been the generosity of our audiences that has kept us above water to date. A festival of this stature in Victoria or Nanaimo would be financially unobtainable. Yet we still pull it off, 7 years accomplished and about to enjoy the 8th with eyes on the future.

With the 3 man Showroom crew basically donating 39 days in a row of 12-14 hour days, it would be nice to find a financial way to show the appreciation deserved for what is done.

The Duncan Showroom will be selling hot dogs / ice cream bars /pop and water and such to keep the Showroom doors open while the festival is on so please support them as a % of sales goes to the festival for the privilege as does the Crepes cart from the Saturday Farmer’s Market serving up in the City Square during Walkabout Wednesdays this year (hopefully a few more food vendors will come forward by show time).