Festival Etiquette

Yes, there is a thang called festival etiquette and each festival has their very own rules of engagement Of course, we are all here to enjoy an outdoor music festival, hopefully in a fashion where the performer and the audience can have the best chance of engaging in that special musical connection that can take place. That is why we present the performers we do and why the schedule is programmed as it is.

Firstly, please remember the people around you when deciding to share verbal information during the performances being given. Be it your cousin / sister / aunt / uncle / friend or whoever you have chosen to share in a conversation with, a conversation that might not be relevant to the moment especially to all those around you, that discourse will take away from the experience of those listening to the performances. Wait for breaks in the songs or step to the side when possible. It will be appreciated

Yes, there is a space between the stage and the audience that sometimes is used for dancing, especially when dance bands are performing. When not in use as such, we sometimes see young children playing in front of the stage which is distracting to the performer and to the audience, a reason to break the connection being made with the entertainment being supplied. Some will say they are only dancing to the music and that is cute but when the thunder is being shared with the cuteness, the poor performer must suffer. This is somewhat like being judged on how able the performer can be to successfully dodge tomatoes thrown at them during their performance...kinda, only cuter (ouch)

Anyway, the City of Duncan has many parks designed for children to have fun being children, where other children are also having fun cause that was the way those parks were designed. Charles Hoey Memorial Park is different from those parks and it must be shared with many adults. We requested usage of this park from the City of Duncan to hold a music festival with hopes people come to enjoy the music and a sense of community. Many families show up with children in tow and so, we are putting together a children’s area this year, back by the museum under 10x10 tents, with toys and things to keep the children busy, while still allowing the parents/guardians able to be part of a community music festival and. still hear the wonderful music being supplied.

Something that does come up yearly, children climbing all over the cenotaph. In some people’s eyes they say this shows disrespect for those from our community that gave their lives in wars. Maybe a conversation with your kids about why we have that memorial in our public park? There, an education solution in place.

And while they are behind the stage playing, where the performers ready themselves, the desire to run and shout is so easy to succumb to...but again, it takes away from the concerts being viewed and listened to by people out front. Dilemma...people don’t like having their children disciplined by someone else, that is a given, so please save us and yourself the embarrassment by dealing with this before we have to. Teach our youth how to respect public performances It ain’t easy but all will benefit from result.

Please don’t forget:
Smiling, lots of smiling is encouraged along with laughter, laughter is good
Sing along when you can, most performers provide a song with which to do so
Dance when offered, the dance bands want you to dance
Get to know your neighbours, we all live in this community, on this island, on this earth
If you must smoke, please do it standing downwind on the outside perimeters of the park
If you brought it, take it with you or properly dispose of it please (never a problem at this festival)
Remember, no alcohol or visible Intoxication allowed on site

I guess it basically comes down to everyone being respectful of all the folks who attend this amazingly long funtastic music festival.