Lunch in the Park

Buckerfields Stage
Noon /1pm and 2pm
showcases by local musicians
72 slots over the 39 days - 28 different acts

We encourage you to order from our many downtown eateries your favourite foods ‘to go’ and join us for Lunch in the Park. A musical series at lunch time where we present some of the many local singer/songwriters whom you might see during the rest of the year at various local cafes / pubs and farm markets plying their music. They are our mainstay and without their financial commitment to this project, we couldn’t exist. They perform many of their originals with many a good recognizable cover tune thrown in as well and we are sure you will enjoy their many varied scheduled performances. We do suggest you buy their CDs and such to help support their musical endeavours and just maybe you are having an event in the near future where they might just be what you need for your entertainment ...please, do engage any of these performers with such requests. They do help make our community ‘a rather fun place to be’.

There are generous sponsors for each week that should be acknowledged:
July 2nd - 5th - Duncan Showroom
July 8th - 12th - Duncan Garage Cafe
July 15th - 19th - Unique Home Health Care
July 22nd - 26th - Easymove Storage / JP Construction Supplies
July 29th - Aug 2nd - Varga + Associates


What’s new for 2019…

Onsite food vendor
—> daily from noon till 7pm
the Duncan Showroom will be providing the concession stand this year with hot dogs /pop/ice cream bars/potato chips every day

Children’s play area
new area for young kids to play, away from the front of the stage with toys and games provided, yet still available to the great sound

Potable water station
on site in the park from CUPE 358 except July 25th-28th

Night patrol of festival site
inclusion instead of exclusion, various night people who ride their bikes around all nite believe that this community event must not be tarnished... so a core group agreed to patrol the site, to instruct others if need be why the festival tents and area should be off bounds to any problems that would affect the festival negatively


Here is a short bio on each (alphabetically) and their dates of performance …

Andy McCormack - a life time musician making a living playing music, seen at all of the area farmers markets, various bars, cafes and eateries in the valley with his band Tropic Mayhem, he does do some solo showcases
Fri. July 19th - 2pm
Wed. July 24th - noon
Thurs. Aug.1st - noon
(as well as Fri. June 28th at noon and July 21st at 1pm with Dennis and Andy Show
and Mon. July 1st at 5pm with Tropic Mayhem)

Anneda - first heard in the Farmers Market and immediately took note – she writes her own and owns her choice of of late the gal singer for Pink Floyd Tribute band - PIGS just returning from a month of daily gigs in Banff
Fri. July 5th - 1pm
Tues. July 23rd - 1pm
Wed. July 31st - 1pm
(as well as Aug. 4th at 3pm as a trio)

Brian Gauci - instrumentals on an acoustic guitar that will catch your memory while his originals will take root...from Toronto, now living in Ladysmith, Eugene Smith introduced him to this festival
Wed. July 10th - noon
Thurs. July 25th - noon
(as well as Sat. Aug. 3rd at 3pm)

Chuck McCandless - defining the folk scene, he is performing as often as he is allowed...loves to sing and play that banjo whether originals or well thought out choice of covers
Mon. July 22nd - 2pm
Fri. Aug. 2nd - noon
(as well as Wed. July 24th at 7pm with the McCandless Family Band and the Chuck and Bill dates)

Chuck McCandless / Bill Hamilton Chuck and Bill were performing together some 50 years ago in their Winnipeg days so we figured they could do it again...they both write tunes and sing folk covers galore and most of all they entertain
Tues. July 9th - 1pm
Wed. July 17th - noon
Tues. July 23rd - 1pm

Dennis Atkins - from Manitoba, now a valley resident, his approach to roots country is most satisfying, his vocals tasty and not a bad guitar picker, you might see him as duo with Dennis & Andy or with the McCandless Family Band and you will always walk away being better for it
Tues. July 2nd - noon
Fri. July 12th - noon
Wed. July 31st - noon
(as well as Fri. June 28th at noon and July 21st at 1pm with Dennis and Andy Show and Wed. July 24th at 7pm with the McCandless Family Band)

Jade Blakney - from the Pembroke area of Ontario she sings and writes songs in her family band and this is her second year coming to the festival with her solo shot and we believe well deserved
Fri. July 26th - 2pm
Tues. July 16th - noon
Wed. July 3rd - noon
(as well as July 1st at 3pm and Sat. July 20th at 6pm with the Hardware Girls )

Jarid Starfire Wilkins - from Chemainus, Jarid first came to our attention at the Duncan Showroom open mics he spontaneously attends-sometimes you just feel there is a gem in there and he is proving that to us each time he performs
Fri. July 5th - 2pm
Tues. July 16th - 2pm

Jessica Blakney - 1/3 of those Hardware Girls, Jessica has proven her writing and arranging are worth catching and this is first chance as a solo artist at this festival to show you why, please do enjoy
Thurs. July 11th - noon
Mon. July 15th - noon
Fri. July 26th - noon
(as well as Mon. July 1st at 3pm and Sat. July 20th at 6pm with the Hardware Girls and as 1/3 of Gals Who Write Songs on Wed. July 10th at 6pm)

Jonathon Stewart - another Duncan Showroom Dress Rehearsal ‘open mic’ nite attender...luv his guitar and his songs have that feel one might have if living in northern Saskatchewan, which he used to do
Wed. July 10th - 2pm
Mon. July 22nd - noon

Kelly Roxanne Gervan - she grew up around kitchen and camp fire jams in northern Alberta and that country feel is still somewhat recognizable in this ‘now a local teacher’s’ song writing and delivery
Thurs. July4th - 1pm
Thurs. July 11th - 2pm
Fri. July 19th - 1pm

Kent Ball - recently re-located to the Lake Cowichan area, kinda retiring, he is an entertainer that brings you the songs you remember and cherish in good feeling way...makes you want him at your next bbq
Wed. July 3rd - 1pm
Wed. July 17th - 1pm

Lindsay Elzinga - this valley gal has gone to music school in Kootneys and came back a recognized songwriter and performer, she is playing Sunfest this year so we had to have her do stage time at the 39 Days of July
Mon. July 15th - noon

Luke Morton - another tall singer/songwriter, his style is reminiscent of early folk, sometimes a Huck Finn feel to his written observations, he is soon to be a father if not already at the times of performance
Fri. July 12th - 2pm
Wed. July 24th - 1pm

Hanna Elise - from the valley, they have written some fine material that works as a duo or the jazzy quartet they put together...either way, captivating is a word that comes to mind
Tues. July 9th - 2pm
Thurs. July 18th - 2pm
(as well as July 3rd at 7pm)

Harold Anderson - aka Homeless Harold, his story has been filmed, printed and talked about as a turning point in one’s life that music can be...many covers under his belt, his originals work as well
Tues. July 23rd - 2pm
Mon. July 29th - 2pm

Matt Kinnunen - a very tall busker seen often at Duncan’s famous Farmer’s Market, he also writes epic songs as well as choosing the covers you usually hear him perform...the muse of a two child family makes it into his music often, most enjoyable
Thurs. July 4th - noon
Fri. July 12th - 1pm

Naomi Payan - originally from France, an affair of the heart has seen this gifted singer / songwriter call our valley home and start up a family...which is good cause you can now find out why we are all glad she made that decision
Tues. July 2nd - 1pm
Thurs. Aug. 1st - 1pm
(as well as Opening Day - Fri. June 28th at 1pm / 1/3 of Gals Who Write Songs on Wed. July 10th at 6pm and Sun. July 14th at 4pm with PixElle )

Paul Ruszel - since he came to the valley some 40 odd years ago, he has championed folk music and the scene that goes with it, having performed at the first and many of the of the 34 previous Islands Folk Festivals, he is what folk music is all about
Thurs. Aug.2nd - 1pm as well as July 6th at noon
(as well as Mon. July 1st at 1pm with Rogue Wave and on

Paul Washington - a music historian, it was only time before he would record his own CD of his well crafted songs...working as a trio, he is bringing it to the public stage
Thurs. July 11th - 1pm
Fri. July 26th - 1pm
(as well as Sun. Aug 4th at 1pm)

Schayde Dame - the little gal with the big voice, this valley singer has written some pretty good tunes, but then she can own any song she chooses to perform
Tues. July 9th - noon
Mon. July 22nd - 1pm
Mon. July 29th - 1pm

Scott McGill - this gentleman chose to move to the island years back to get out of the city scene, even though he was an acknowledged young entertainer that turned heads.... he now teaches music at Brentwood College and yet the stage is where he shines...r&b? this guy has the feel and the voice...armed with a whole bunch of originals and now that he has become a dad, he wants to try them out on all of us
Tues. July 2nd - 2pm
July 16th - 1pm
Thurs. Aug. 1st - 2pm
(as well as Wed. July 31st at 7:30pm on City Square Stage opening for the Shuffle Demons)

Scott Owen - if there was ever proof needed that music is a healing agent, this gentleman will be one to can be hard at times and music allows that flow of explanations / observations to happen, be it original or a respected cover, Scott is always ready to take to the stage
Thurs. July 4th - 2pm
Fri. July 19th - noon
Wed. July 31st - 1pm

Steady Rollin’ Jay - first met this gentleman as Jay the Juggler and found out years later that he has a penchant for blues tunage and this will be his second year of getting to the stage to play some
Mon. July 8th - 2pm
Thurs. July 18th - 2pm
Mon. July 29th - noon

Steve McKinnon - Steve came to the valley years ago as a touring bass player and has been here ever since...keeping down a steady job with the CVRD, his musical journeys continue not only as a session player but as a front man for his trio with Bent Jensen and Jon Wade where his well crafted songs are showcased with his take on the covers you should know about
Mon. July 8th - 1pm
Thurs. July 25th - 1pm
Fri. Aug. 2nd - 2pm
(as well as Opening Day - Fri. June 28th at 2pm )

Teo - seen about the island for years as a working busker in the inner harbour to being a steady on Chemainus streets with the occasional downtown Duncan recital, his repertoire of familiar tunes always include his little bits of musical touch
Mon. July 8th - noon
Wed. July 24th - 2pm
Tues. July 30th - noon
(as well as Sun. July 14th at 11am in Filipino for Intercultural Day )

Up Your Alley - local singer Nina loves to perform cover tunes so some friends got together, joined in and here they are, music that is right Up Your Alley
Fri. July 5th - noon
Thurs. July 18th - 1pm



All of these scheduled musical events are designed to bring community together to celebrate our diverse local / Canadian and international music scenes, to give the opportunity to meet our neighbours, share a common experience and hopefully be able to now greet each other with a friendly smile on any future happen chance connections. We are proving that downtown Duncan and the Cowichan Valley is... ‘a rather fun place to be’.