Lunch in the Park

Monday - Friday: Noon /1pm/2pm
CFS Stage

75 slots over the 39 days
showcases by local musicians

We encourage you to order your favourite foods ‘to go’ from our many downtown eateries and join us for Lunch in the Park. A lunch time musical series where we present some of the many local singer / songwriters / performers whom you might see during the rest of the year at various local cafes / pubs and farm markets plying their music. They are our mainstay and without their financial commitment to this project, we couldn’t exist. They perform many of their originals with many a good recognizable cover tune thrown in as well and we are sure you will enjoy their many varied scheduled performances.

We do suggest / recommend you buy their cd’s and such to help support their musical endeavours and just maybe you are having an event in the near future where they might just be what you need for your entertainment …please do engage any of these performers with such requests. They do help make our community ‘a rather fun place to be’.

Here is a short bio on each (alphabetically) and their dates of performance …

Andy McCormick
A life time musician making a living playing music, at all of the farmers markets in the area, various bars, cafes and eateries in the valley.
noon Fri. July 13th
2pm Thurs. July 18th

As well as
4pm July 1st  with Tropic Mayhem

Beverley McKeen
A mainstay in the valley music scene, she hosts a very popular  Wednesday nite music jam 3 times a month at the Ramada Inn from 7-10pm - she has 3 CD’s to date and continues to write songs that deal with environmental and human needs.
1pm    Fri. July 6th
noon  Fri. July 27th

As well as
11:30am  Sun. July 8th – Children’s Day
7pm Sun. July 8th with band

Brian Gauci
Acoustic guitar compositions/musings - Eugene Smith introduced Brian to us a couple years back and after hearing him realized he was a perfect fit for ‘music under the trees’ – another guy from Ontario who found the beauty of the west coast.
1pm Wed. July 4th
1pm  Mon. July 9th
1pm  Fri. July 20th

As well as
5pm Sat. Aug. 4th

Cheryl Baudin
A music teacher in the valley and throughout BC, she uses piano and sometimes guitar to aid in the delivery of her songs.
2pm   Wed. July 11th
2pm  Mon. July 23rd  

Chey Peterson
A server with the Old Firehouse Wine Bar he also totally enjoys playing music and when prodded even sometimes performing in public places.
2pm  Wed. July 4th
1pm  Fri. July 27th     

Chuck McCandless
Defining  the words ‘folk music’, he is performing as often as he is allowed...loves to sing and play that banjo whether originals or well thought out choice of covers.
1pm Fri. June 29th
2pm Thurs. July 12th
1pm Fri. July 20th

Chuck McCandless / Bill Hamilton
Chuck and Bill were performing folk music together some 50 years ago in their Winnipeg days so we figured they could do it again.
noon Fri. July 6th
2pm Thurs. Aug. 2nd  

Dennis and Andy
These two have the opportunity to work together playing music for day jobs and play together when they can at other times – for sure they know how to play off each other and the spontaneous banter is worth the listen.
noon Fri. June 29th - Dennis and Andy start the 39 Days of July 2018

As well as
noon Sun. July 29th

Dennis Atkins
From Manitoba, now a valley resident, his approach to roots country is most satisfying and highly recommended for a lunch hour treat.
noon Tues. July 3rd
noon Fri. July 20th
noon Thurs. July 26th
noon Fri. Aug. 3rd   

Don Wilkie
Slide guitar, be it Hawaiian slack key or self penned blues tunage, he luvs to perform  and has a couple of CD’s under his belt worth owning.
noon Thurs. July 5th
2pm   Fri. July 20th
1pm   Mon. July 30th   

Homeless Harold Anderson
He came to the festival broken some 7 years ago and we encouraged him to perform at our open mic...well, the rest is history, good times history... and it turns out documented history by Telus with a video.... you will enjoy his performances as he chooses standards that will ring true to your  memories.
noon Tues. July 17th
1pm  Mon. July 23rd
noon Wed. Aug. 1st   

As well as
noon Sunday July 22nd
11am –Sunday Aug. 5th

Harry Hull
He daily plays the piano in front of the Duncan Showroom to throngs of satisfied listeners  and so we brought him to the stage...mostly improvisational he drops in enough little seeds of well known songs just to see if you are listening...haha.
noon Tues. July 10th
noon Thurs. July 19th
noon Thurs. Aug. 2nd                                

Jason Irwin
Years as a juggler, a change was do and the guitar got back in his hands ...with his bluesy style he will take you back to the era of the piedmont style old blues singer days.
noon Wed. July 4th
2pm Mon. July 16th
noon   Tues. July 24th                                        

Kelly Roxanne Gervin
A teacher by day and a singer/songwriter for life, she brings her honesty and sensitivity of a northern Alberta rural upbringing to her deliveries of her well crafted tunes.
noon Mon. July 30th
1pm   Fri. Aug. 3rd   

Kent Ball
Been around the valley for years, his folksy bluesy rock feel on acoustic guitar highlights his song writing and choice of covers.
2pm Tues. July 3rd
noon  Mon. July 9th
2pm   Fri. July 13th


Kristi Lewis
A very accomplished piano teacher by day, we find she has a well hidden musical career of her own...well respected on piano and voice she comes to tempt the muse again.
2pm   Mon. July 9th
2pm   Wed. July 25th          

Matt Kinnumen  
You see this tall drink busking at the Farmer’s Market or on the corner every so often singing mostly cover tunes...well he writes some real good songs and these opportunities to perform a lot of those tunes to a listening audience has him excited again for this year’s festival.
2pm   Fri. July 6th
1pm  Wed. July 11th
noon   Wed. July 18th
1pm   Wed. Aug. 1st     

Mike Fuller
A piano player who also utilizes the piano in front of the Duncan Showroom, the one inside the Showroom and  also shows up at our open mic’s quite often...having him perform in the park for many will be our treat to everyone.
2pm   Tues. July 17th
noon  Mon. July 23rd
2pm  Mon. July 30th

Naomi Payan
She did come to the valley from France to raise a family, we are the lucky ones... as it turns out she is a very good singer and a marvelous songwriter....after a year or so off for child bearing she is back in the saddle with new songs as well as the ones we have come to love.
noon-Mon.  July 2nd
noon Thurs. July 12th
2pm  Fri. July 27th

As well as
6pm Mon. July 16th - Showcase Mondays
3pm Sun. July 1st  with PixElle
5pm Thurs. July 18th with Gals Who Write Songs

Paul Ruszel 
A mainstay in the local folk scene, he writes and sings of the ways it should be...yes, a folkie  at heart and a troubadour  for pacifism.
2pm July 31st
1pm Tues. July 3rd

As well as
1pm July 2nd with Rogue Wave

Schayde Dame
When this girl sings she owns the song, whether a well known cover or one of her splendidly penned originals...just starting her 20’s, there is a strong future in music if she chooses to pursue a full on musical career...come see what we mean.
2pm Fri. June 29th
1pm Tues. July 10th
1pm Mon. July 16th
1pm Tues. July 31st

Scott McGill
Some guys can sing like Frankie Vali or Micheal Jackson, you know, effortlessly reaching those high r&b grooves ...Scott is one of those, a music teacher by day, he is newly with family and his song writing is totally coming out... catch some of those grooves in the park on a sunny afternoon if you can.
2pm   Tues. July 10th
noon   Mon. July 16th
1pm   Tues. July 24th
2pm   Fri. Aug. 3rd

As well as
7pm Sun. July 1st as Groove Social

Scott Owen
Ever since  this guitar playing songwriter and singer survived throat cancer / addictions,  he lives to be back up there on a stage to tell you his story thru songs of his and those of the likes written by John Prine / Fred Eaglesmith...a gem he is.
1pm Thurs. July 5th
noon Wed. July 11th
2pm  Thurs. July 26th

Steve McKinnon
No stranger to this festival, his choice of covers and his own well crafted tunes are given that extra life with band mates Bent Jensen on guitar and Jon Wade on bass - makes us want him back every year.
1pm Thurs. July 12th
1pm Thurs. July 19th
1pm  Thurs. July 26th

As well as
noon  Sun. July 1st
noon  Aug. 5th

Sweet Potato Brown
She delivers mail during the day and then performs her style of alt country whenever she can-as a solo / duo or with other band members she brings a certain flare to the stage the brings her a large fan base.
noon Wed. July 25th
1pm  Thurs. Aug. 2nd

As well as
6pm  June 30th with Overworked &Underplayed
7pm  Fri. July 13th with band the Troublemakers

Life sometimes throws curves and those that get back up and find the muse in the music they perform makes us the audience become winners as well...there is a reason why people  have stopped to hear him busk all these years...he is very good.
2pm Thurs. July 5th
1pm   Tues. July 17th
noon Tues. July 31st

As well as
11am July 15th - Intercultural Day

Terry Wicks
There is a blues background to this recording / producer / guitar playing songwriter who has moved to the valley these past 3-4 years- a welcome  new resident.
2pm Wed. July 18th
1pm Wed. July 25th

As well as
3pm Sun. July 22nd  with band
5pm Tues. July 31st  as part of Blues on Tuesday

Without a Net
What is old style Pete Seeger ish folk music without some politics thrown in once in a while ...these two perform  as an irish / klezmer influenced fluting, clarineting guitar playing duo with wonderfully earthy vocals...
1pm Fri. July 13th
1pm  Wed. July 18th
2pm    Tues. July 24th


All of these scheduled musical events are designed to bring community together to celebrate our diverse local / Canadian and international music scenes, to give the opportunity to meet our neighbours, share a common experience and hopefully be able to now greet each other with a friendly smile on any future happen chance connections. We are proving that downtown Duncan and the Cowichan Valley is... ‘a rather fun place to be’.