Sociable Saturdays

from 11am till 8pm
Dates: June 30th / 7th / 14th / 21st / 28th / August 4th
Starting with  Zumba, roots folk following and with showcase programming
throughout the day and into the evening, your enjoyment is guaranteed.

2018 Sociable Saturdays Schedule

Saturday June 30

Location: CFS Stage
11am   Zumba with Roz
- every Sat. Morning this group of people show up to work out in the hot sun to what Roz gives them
Noon   Simon Sayz - this singer sometimes songwriter  likes John Prine/ Diamond Joe White and the likes, a mainstay these past 3 years for Sat. noon hours  cause we think you should hear him
1pm    Short n’ Randy with friends - Lennon and Randy and friends play thru some standard tunes to get peeps singing along to and, they always have fun
2pm    Ravenhill Ranters - Gillian Wale with Rockland Moran bring the autoharp and slide guitar to the forefront of Gillian’s well penned tunes
3pm     Lena Birtwistle - spending much time touring with Wil as keyboardist/vocalist means these precious moments of ‘Lena only’ are stupendously special
4pm    Wayne Kozak Quartet - this gentleman always brings a stellar group of musicians together to travel the upbeat musical highway of jazzy r&b
5pm    Matoto - west African drumming/dancing/interactive/spell binding...this group springs from Moondance Studio, Cobble Hill
6pm    Overworked and Underplayed - five friends in an extremely rare performance even though having played western swing and bluegrass music together for over 10 years
7pm    Daniel Cook and the Radiators - great musicianship, pay attention lyrics and extremely able to find a groove....twice this festival

Saturday July 7

Location: CFS Stage
11am   Zumba with Roz
- get those legs moving and don’t forget the arms
Noon   Ish de Fish - a folk singer calling Lake Cowichan home now that writes some neat songs
1pm    Jade Blakney - singer songwriter originally from the Pembroke Ont area and has called the Cowichan Valley home now for some 18 years
2pm    Lani Nash - singer and a songwriter of hits from Nashville visiting the Island once again
3pm    Cam Stiles Trio - rockabilly/swing on the upright bass
4pm   Jaclyn Childs – local singer/songwriter working with piano to present her tunage
5pm   Josue Taraconte  /  Paulina Izquierdo - Cuban flamenco guitarist and his well respected vocalist wife along with a localized flute player
6pm   Lani Nash – gave her two shows in one day- songwriter and singer from Nashville,  she utilizes local Ray Visscher’s  guitar wizardry  for accompaniment
7pm   Ed Peekeekoot – of the Cree Nation, gentle local singer/songwriter/guitar player/flautist and well respected entertainer

Location: City Square Stage
7:30pm   Vogue Villains
- a progressive /alternative rock band, the genre always changing, yet they still sound like them...with vocal harmonies galore
8:30 pm   Malahat - when grunge rock meets blues in a psychedelic fusion, young rock from Victoria

Saturday July 14

Location: CFS Stage - CFS Celebrating 25 years**
Noon   Simon Sayz
- first heard this guy busking a Diamond Joe tune and ever since I give him stage time at the festival
1pm   Short n’ Randy with friends - their sense of musical community becomes easily understood as they perform some standards and originals
2pm   Cowichan Pipes and Drums - our very own local pipe band when not marching also perform as a sit down ensemble with keyboards and drum kit
3pm   Dublin2 - Terry Boyle with Martin Nolan, an uilleann piper just over from Dublin play Celtic tunes and some original Celtic songs
4pm   Blu Hopkins - roots/blues acoustic music husband/wife duo from up the Okanagan way comes for to visit
5pm   Juniper - harp, guitar and lilting vocals have  a classical feel and when outdoors in the park it will be even more divine
6pm   Bopoma - commemorating the 25th anniversary of the Community Farm Store requires dancing to marimba and Bopama provides this service oh so well
7pm   Bopoma - marimba is for dancers and for over a hour and half this evening will be in bliss

Location: City Square Stage
8 pm  Deaf Aids
- this year’s tribute offer is to the harmony driven music of the early Beatles done oh so well by our very own Deaf Aids

Saturday July 21

Location: CFS Stage
11am   Zumba with Roz
- you too can get your exercise for a week if you show up and join the Roz Team
Noon    Ish de Fish – a prolific folk songwriter, he comes to entertain
1pm    Nick Schols – for sure there is comedy involved whenever Nik takes to the stage with his keyboards in tow
2pm    Jonathon Churcher – from a long stint in the north of Canada he brings his stories and songs for us to traverse as if we were there
3pm      Lindsey Elzinga – vocals / guitar, she wrote the BC Summer Games Anthem this year and many other songs she plans on letting you hear
4pm      Lawless+Uncommon - Daisy likes the blues when she writes her own tunes and with her slide guitar work prowess in tow, you will find enjoyment flowing through her original lyrics
5pm     Eric’s Basement - three young guys that are having fun experimenting with their love of old rock, aka Doors/Led Zepplin /Cream, into well crafted original rock  tunes
6pm    Reid Williams - bringing a band to showcase his very well respected  songwriting abilities, he is always a treat
7pm    Kids Today - B3 Hammond organ driven music always impresses me, especially when Tim and his crew go

Saturday July 28

Location: CFS Stage
11am   Zumba with Roz
- yes, each week more peeps show up for a sweaty Saturday morning of fun based exercise regimen...always smiles handed out
Noon   Simon Sayz - gruff in his approach, he masters John Prine / Diamond Joe White covers with ease, puts meaning in songs you may have heard before
1pm   Sarah Beatty - from Hamilton, quirky and captivating, songwriter and scientist Sarah Beatty sounds a bit like Dusty Springfield coming off a science bender. With a voice as sharp as a silver-spur and dangerous as a diamond-backed sidewinder she's a curious observer and constant inquirer of life's offerings
2pm   Victor Nazarellah - from Ottawa, this singer/songwriter has been performing and touring for over 4 decades…cause he can…think you might enjoy his easy style
3pm    Zuzu Petals - in memory of Bob Thorne…Aidan’s uncle passed over this spring and this will be a tribute set to the man who gave Aidan his musical direction…Zuzu’s Petals is a wonderful and rewarding musical exploration by three to four players
4pm    Adrian MacDonald - local singer/songwriter when no one is looking, he has emerged with some good tunes...his slot to shine for friends and family
5pm    VFG - Philo with his dad have a local 4 piece punkster/hard rock feel band that needs be enjoyed...give them a chance
6pm   Shobocon - Christian hard rock...still loud, still theatrical, with a newer message, these local musicians are good at what they do
7pm   Shorty / Morgan Bass lion - Morgan Bass Lion knows the reggae grooves as he spins the discs for us before being  joined by hip hop artist, word slinger Lennon aka: Shorty

Saturday August 4

Location: CFS Stage
11am   Zumba with Roz
- final episode of “Sweating in the Park” exercising with designed dance music with the bass turned up
Noon    Short n’ Randy with friends - these guys make a Saturday morning audience members even sing along
1pm    Chris Baron / Megan Cronin - futuristic and organic folk with swaggering sweetness - a dynamic acoustic duo based out of Portland Oregon
2pm    The K-Tones - keyboards with flute and sometimes bass guitar added in...very soothing and explorative...from Saltspring
3pm     Cam Stiles Trio - second performance at the festival and this is the rock set with  electric bass
4pm   The Blooming - classical-pop members Elise Boulanger, and Sean Patton have been shaping a sonic sound ground in classical foundations
5pm   Brian Gaucci - Pleasant guitar musings of original tunage while we await William’s stories to be retold
6pm   Shakespeare in the Park - Shawnigan Players presents excerpts from The Merry Wives of Windsor
7pm   Shakespeare in the Park - continued

Location: City Square Stage
8pm   Big Easy Funk Ensemble
- a 9-piece Funk Band from Vancouver celebrating the music of New Orleans




July 14th: Bopoma
brought to you by...
Community Farm Store
CFS Celebrating 25 years

City Square Stage

Vogue Villains Saturday July 7 - 7:30pm

Vogue Villains
Saturday July 7 - 7:30pm

Malahat Saturday July 7 - 8:30pm

Saturday July 7 - 8:30pm

Deaf Aids Saturday July 14 - 8pm

Deaf Aids
Saturday July 14 - 8pm

Big Easy Funk Embemble Saturday August 4 - 8pm   

Big Easy Funk Embemble
Saturday August 4 - 8pm



All of these scheduled musical events are designed to bring community together to celebrate our diverse local / Canadian and international music scenes, to give the opportunity to meet our neighbours, share a common experience and hopefully be able to now greet each other with a friendly smile on any future happen chance connections. We are proving that downtown Duncan and the Cowichan Valley is... ‘a rather fun place to be’.