Thank you to our Sponsors

Nothing is for free…Everything else does cost money.

The 39 Days of July 2018
The arts and cultural community inviting the business sector to join hands to prove we do live in ‘a rather fun place to be’.
An endeavour such as programming the 346 slots with 220 or so different acts to provide 39 days of entertainment ‘free’ to the public
is in itself quite a chore.
Locating grants that might be able to accommodate a request from a 39 day outdoor community music festival is extremely daunting
but we have found some new ones over the years and they will be mentioned.
Locating businesses within our community that will step forward with financial and in-kind aid for this humongous project is a whole other task,
which, is becoming easier each year as more start to realize how much of a positive impact this event has on our community.

Here is a list of those that we believe should be recognized as sponsors and contributors in no official order.


We acknowledge the financial support of the Province of British Columbia to the festival.

Della Rice Sylvester
– for welcoming our festival onto first nations territories, giving  blessings  and sharing knowledge and culture.

City of Duncan - the avenues of communication have opened up immensely from to seeing it fit to raise our yearly allotted grant to making sure that all the i’s and t’s are crossed properly and easily in our requests for permission make this tenuous job that much more worth it.

Municipality of North Cowichan - for letting us use their barricades and their jurisdiction to start and end our Panago Grande Parade for 2018.

CVRD – for creating Arts & Culture grants in aid and making sure we were included this first year and trusting for years to come.

Duncan Dabber Bingo Society for including the festival in its 2018 granting process.

City of Duncan Public Works - wow – what a crew, just check out the flower arranging in the park and in the general downtown core-accolades from all of the citizenry for your continued attendance to the beautification our community.

Downtown Duncan Business Improvement Area Society for their moral support and assistance with coordinating activities.

Volunteer Fire Departments of the valley - when they rush past our stage on a way to an afternoon or evening call, I remind everyone that they are all volunteers doing this, meaning they drop whatever they are doing to come to the aid of their /our community and so whenever these guys have their ‘boots’ out asking for donations, please, make sure you give generously – and oh yah ...thank you to all the fire trucks for being in our Grande Parade each and every year

Community Farm Store - celebrating 25 years of service to the Cowichan Valley, they came forward with a $5000 sponsorship towards the naming of the stage in Charles Hoey Memorial Park, now referred to as the CFS Stage for 2018.

Coast Capital Savings - for coming forward with a $5000 grant to brand our Walkabout Wednesday’s for 2018 – Coast Capital Savings Walkabout Wednesday’s where stellar entertainment is brought to the City Square Stage for 5 consecutive Wednesday evenings at 7:30pm and 8:30pm with consideration to the 18-35 crowd this year in the choice of well executed musicianship - Coast Capital Savings also gave us use of a blue 20’x20’ marquee tent with their logo as a shade tent in the park for the duration of the cool is that.

Lion’s Club / Sassy Lion Thrift Store - once again making sure the kids entering the festival’s Duncan Has Talent have a financial windfall to look forward to should they place 1st / 2nd / or 3rd.

Varga + Associates Private Wealth Management of RBC Dominion Securities - for being the ones bringing you our opening day Friday June 29th, the kick off day of the Canada Day long weekend, a very generous contributor that will now hear their name mentioned continuously throughout the festival.

Duncan Garage Cafe - across the street from the park, they bring on extra staff to deal with the festival overflow and they make sure to give back - we appreciate them immensely - they also supply us with gift cards for our performers.

The Red Balloon - it sure helps when people financially support our ‘free’ Children’s Day and the Toymaster from the Red Balloon did just that by sponsoring award winning Norman Foote’s performance on July 8th at 1pm  on the CFS Stage in CHMP – a do not miss concert for children and for the parents.

Cowichan Intercultural Society – by working together we were able to gain sponsorship dollars towards our Intercultural Day – Sunday July 15th from 11am-3pm and to connect with them our local RBC Branch for volunteers for events in the park that same day.

MNP - again stepping up to the plate seriously with substantial continued financial assistance as well as the use of their board room for our monthly DCFS meetings - they hosted the stage and supplied the shade tent in 2017 - we do appreciate their commitment.

Long & McQuade-Nanaimo - for the many years of providing/sponsoring the superb sound systems and back lines at both of our stages.

Andy O’kell - drummer extraordinaire living in Lake Cowichan for supplying us with a superb drum kit for our back line - catch his musical project Birds of Fire July 15th 7pm.

Cardino Shoes – Jean is a big fan of Scott McGill and his musical delivery and so again she sponsored his performance on July 1st at 7pm as the closing act in the on the CFS Stage in the CHM Park for Canada Day.

Cowichan Folk Guild - for being able to work together with their AD- Kelly Nakatsuka, so as to find ways we can both bring in bigger name artists to perform in the Cowichan Valley and let them find out about our audiences and hospitality...Island’s Folk Festival July 20-22nd – Providence Farm

Winter Trucking / StoneRidge Sand & Gravel - giving us a sponsorship to make sure we could bring in ‘Eagle Eyes’, our local Eagles tribute band to City Square Stage on Canada Day at 8:30pm.

Rossetto Family - for making it easier to remember our good friend and music lover June Rossetto with a generous contribution towards July 19th 6pm CFS Stage performance by the McCandless Family Band - one of her faves.

JP Construction Supplies - not only taking out an ad but giving us an extra $200 to go towards Big Easy Funk Ensemble performing on Saturday Aug. 5th at 8pm on the City Square Stage.

Duncan Showroom - for being the ‘home base’ for the 39 Days of July, almost all of the musicians / bands have ‘auditioned’ at the Showroom with their previous performances and all have become close friends and respect what is being done there – also for making sure the festival stage structure and two sometimes three of the 20’ x 20’ and four 10’ x 10’ tents and extra gear as needed each year are ‘donated’ at a much reduced cost to the DCFS.

Unique Home Health Care  - Marsha has sat on our board, continues to be a downtown pick-up zone for bundles of 2018 Programs, advocates for our success at many levels in our community and generously supports us with a week of Lunch in the Park sponsoring.

DDT Drumline – Dustin Dollman, leader and founder of DDT came forward and sponsored a week of Lunch in the Park and brings his drum line students for a showcase on Friday July 13th at 4pm in front of the CFS Stage

The Cowichan Valley Citizen - for getting on the Blues on Tuesdays ‘band’ wagon once again with their in- kind sponsorship and making sure the festival gets the local coverage it deserves.

Juice FM - for their continued support with their on air event announcements and by being part of the Panago Grande Parade ‘live’ team - - they are a good way to know what is up to date in the local news and entertainment in our valley, tune them in if not already..

Rob McKenzie – thank u for coming out of graphic design retirement to produce yet another stellar cover for our schedule program and all of our marketing signage - and for such generosity to us with regards to pricing.

Zuk Design - for managing our website of which there is no way it could be done without professional expertise.

Eric Morten - for all the time spent organizing the ads/making up ads and doing another tremendous job with the layout for 2018.

DCFS Board of Directors - Rick Martinson- president / Amanda Slydell- treasurer / Ian Fairwell-secretary / Adam Clutchey – director / John Falkner- director / Jeff Downey – director  for understanding their purpose and by joining hands with the community to prove we do live in ‘a rather fun place to be’ – appears they is already planning the 2019’s  DCFS 40th Anniversary Pageantry.

Past DCFS Board of Directors - as always, there are people who step up to the plate to volunteer their enthusiasm, their expertise and their time to make sure that a festival in downtown Duncan takes place- this is the board’s 39th year, there have been many before us who have brought good will and a parade to the community, you know who you are and you are hereby saluted –big 40th anniversary 2019 if you want to get your hands in again.

Adam Clutchey - for taking hold of the reigns once again of the Grande Parade for the 39th Annual version in 2018, for doing it with enthusiasm and vision ie: finding a three year sponsorship with Panago Pizza.

Panago Pizza - special thanks for taking on the Grande Parade sponsorship with not only cash infusion but with pizza for all the marching bands in the parade – they will appreciate it.

Rotary Club of Duncan Breakfast - marshalling the parade, in charge of barricades, picking them up, placing of them and returning of them afterwards. Also they will be providing refreshments to participants as well as serving the pizza to our volunteers and our marching bands and this all done with big smiles.

JSK Traffic Control - for all that they do in keeping people safe during our grande parade.

Craig Street Brew Pub / Just Jakes - for a generous donation of gift certificates for our many performers after their shows, a pub where community does gather.

Arbutus Cafe for their generous donation of gift certificates for our performers

York Street Diner - for meeting us half-way towards feeding our performers with their gift certificates – part of the Thunderbird Motel, our touring performers rave about their breakfasts.

The Old Firehouse Wine and Cocktail Bar – for being a place for City Square performers to hang before / during and after their performances in City Square and for hosting the DCFS 40th Anniversary Fundraiser / Silent and Public Auction and Awareness Gathering on Sunday October 21st from 4:30pm -7:30pm- Duncan Cowichan Festival Society wants to celebrate big for our 40th in 2019.

Thunderbird Motel - for continued support of the arts and cultural sector by giving us reduced rates for our touring artists each year as well as year round for Duncan Showroom performers – a four star motel.

Duncan Town Crier - Ben Buss -our local crier has been offering his boisterous services since the inception of the 39 Days of July some 6 years back , proclaiming both the opening and closing of the longest music festival in the world with eloquent  pageantry and to that we are most grateful.

Lunch in the Park Series Sponsors – these businesses chose to sponsor these lunch hour musical treats to make sure that lunch hours in downtown Duncan are ‘a rather fun place to be’.
July 2-6th - Duncan Showroom Productions
July 9th-13th - DDT Drumline
July 16th-20th - Duncan Garage Cafe
July 23rd-27th - Unique Home Health Care
July 31st-Aug-3rd - Duncan Garage Cafe

All the Businesses that took out Ads - a wonderful way to show support for what DCFS does, proving we do live in ‘a rather fun place to be’ - please stop in and thank them for their support, they will luv the attention.

Vancouver Island Childcare & more - for their second year taking care of our major activity tent for the Children’s Day on July 8th 11am-3pm.

RBC – Duncan Branch - to Ted and his crew of volunteers lending a hand to the valley’s  CIS during Intercultural Day – July 15th  11am-3pm.

Mark's Instant Sign Shop Ltd – for being once again so considerate in their pricing and our time lines for our main signage and all that we need.

The Real Canadian Superstore - for once again providing performer hydration during the festival and for our Canada Day celebration cakes.

Jessica Blakney - for always having her camera when she attends, always able to catch the flavour of the moment and for giving  use permission to use some her photos that illustrate we do live in ‘a rather fun place to be’.

Frank Wall for the use of his fine photography of festival shenanigans as well.

all the volunteers - warmth sent to all, whether it be for a minute, an hour or days in a row in helping us move all the chairs and equipment as we set up and tear down each day . Not to mention running the many errands when needed. 

Aiden Olenick - and for being our knowledgeable and dependable stage manager- for his dedication to being responsible for daily set up / tear down and evening load up of PA at the CFS Stage in CHM Park and City Square gigs as well - and you might see him  in charge of the sound booth during the day.

Ted Cadillac aka Tim – in his fourth year of being the sound guy from heaven who does over 350 shows in these 39 days each year and into working the Duncan Showroom live stream on Youtube of nightly concerts the rest of the year...a great addition to our community and the national music scene - always shaves clean before the festival and then grows his beard back for the rest of the year.

Trevor Linde - another person who has seen the benefits of what is done with this festival and has come forward with his knowledge of many trades  / assets to make sure we get up and running and able to maintain our momentum- his musical expertise will see him as Ted Cadillac’s right hand sound man this year.

All the Performers - yes, much extra special thanks to the hundreds of performers for making this festival become what it was designed be all about… Community- how the arts sector creates positive effects upon the everyday living of the people in our community… they have chosen to work for much less than should be expected of them …and with  smiles .  So if performers have CD'S and such for sale, please support them if you can and do join them in their various local gigs throughout the valley / follow their FB pages / show up at their gigs.

Longevity John Falkner -  for being Longevity John.

You, the audience - for listening to ‘new to you’ music every day, for having an open mind, for sharing space / smiles and conversations and for being continuously generous when the ‘donation’ box comes around.


All of these scheduled musical events are designed to bring community together to celebrate our diverse local / Canadian and international music scenes, to give the opportunity to meet our neighbours, share a common experience and hopefully be able to now greet each other with a friendly smile on any future happen chance connections we are proving that downtown Duncan and the Cowichan Valley is... ‘a rather fun place to be’.