Supersoul Thursdays

Yoga in City Square
An evening of blissful events to connect with the divine within and around you, brought to you by the Community at Sun Lotus Yoga Sanctuary (

Supersoul Thursdays Schedule

July 6

Tai Chi with Master Lu
You have seen them practicing in the parking lot across from Charles Hoey park, now they bring this practice to city square to introduce you to the benefits of moving subtle energy on a daily basis, meet them now and join them later. Master Lu is a rare find, a true Tai Chi master who lives in Duncan and offers his wisdom and skill every weekday morning for free for the benefit of all.

July 13

Blissful Evening Yoga with Asrael Flow
With breath, connect with spirit, move into being as we melt into asanas (postures) and accept the moment as it is, while creating strength, stamina, and flexibility. Infused with bliss, deep relaxation and lots of smiles. Suitable for all levels Asrael Zemenick is an Ayurvedic Practitioner, Counsellor and Yoga Teacher. Highly intuitive, she works with people who are committed to transforming their lives on all layers of their being. Her greatest joy is seeing others grow into the light of their true selves. Her regular yoga classes are at Providence Farm, Wednesday at 4:30-6:00.out in the sun.

July 20

Pure  Bliss Bhakti Dance with Anita & the community at Sun Lotus (CASL)
Join us this year as we dance our hearts open with remastered-upbeat chants and specially crafted visuals, this is a unique, fun and full-out journey thru the chakras for clearing and healing. You will leave refreshed, renewed and energized. Anita Rafidi & the CASL, bring you Super Soul Thursdays as a service for the spiritual awakening of all humanity. Pure Bliss dance practice has been an evolving work for 5 years and has truly hit its stride, join us for a full out yoga dance party in the park!

July 27

Traditional Tantra Yoga Postures with Tamara Harmonize
Your subtle energy system & experience unification with innate Divinity & your ultimate expression of consciousness. Tamara Dawn is a passionate student of a traditional Tantra Yoga called Kaula Yoga. Integrating knowledge of Tantra, Yoga, and Ayurveda into her life. She hopes to inspire other beings of this earth. she is a passionate writer, singer-songwriter, artist and healer.

August 3

Blissful Kirtan with Karen & Shea
Join us as we bathe in the vibrations of healing devotional chants and mantras in a call and response style. No singing experience required or desired. This is a practice not a performance--do it because it feels so good! Karen Allen has been leading kirtan in the Duncan area for a number of years and is now joined by musician and dedicated meditator Shea Olsson. Together they wish to share this blissful practice to help others recognize the ease and benefits achieved by opening one's heart with sound vibration.


All of these scheduled musical events are designed to bring community together to celebrate our diverse local / Canadian and international music scenes, to give the opportunity to meet our neighbours, share a common experience and hopefully be able to now greet each other with a friendly smile on any future happen chance connections. We are proving that downtown Duncan and the Cowichan Valley is... ‘a rather fun place to be’.