Teacher/Student Showcases

Monday to Friday - 3pm

Each weekday during the festival, this one hour time slot is provided for teachers and their many young valley students. That chance to show off one more time that which they have learned to date,  and on a professional stage,  and be able to say they were part of the longest running daily music festival in the world. We believe this is a feather in their cap.  

Warning: awesome photo-ops do take place.

Teacher/Student Showcase 2018 Schedule

June 29 - Carlson's Dance

July 3 - Kathy White Dancers

July 4 - Tai Chi with Master Lu

July 5 - Celtic Rhythm Dancers

July 6 - Carlson's Dance

July 9 - Ravensong Piano Studio

July 10 - Kathy White Dancers

July 11 - Warmland Dance

July 12 - Celtic Rhythm Dancers

July 13 - Carlson's Dance

July 16 - Ravensong Piano Studio

July 17 - Kathy White Dancers

July 18 - O’Brien School of Irish Dance



July 19 - Celtic Rhythm Dancers

July 20 – Warmland Dance

July 23 - Canada Best Karate

July 24 - Kathy White Dancers

July 25 - Duncan Music Rock Band School

July 26 - O’Brien School of Irish Dance

July 27 - Carlson's Dance

July 30 - Lara’s Belly Dancing Studio

July 31 - Kathy White Dancers

August 1 - O’Brien School of Irish Dance

August 2 - Forte School of Music

August 3 - Carlson School of Dance


All of these scheduled musical events are designed to bring community together to celebrate our diverse local / Canadian and international music scenes, to give the opportunity to meet our neighbours, share a common experience and hopefully be able to now greet each other with a friendly smile on any future happen chance connections we are proving that downtown Duncan and the Cowichan Valley is... ‘a rather fun place to be’.